Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction 2014/15

As an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA), BC Transplant's (BCT) strategic direction is an extension of the PHSA strategic plan. The key operational goals and objectives outlined in the BCT plan flow into the PHSA plan – what we do at BC Transplant contributes to the overall mandate and strategic direction of PHSA.

PHSA is one of 6 Health Authorities within the Ministry of Health (MOH). In the paper "2014/15 – 2016 SERVICE PLAN", February 2014", the MOH has identified 3 goals to reflect the renewed strategic priorities for the health system. The 3 goals are:

  1. Support the health and wellbeing of British Columbians.
  2. Deliver a system of responsive and effective health care services across BC.
  3. Ensure value for money.

As a Health Authority of the MOH, PHSA has developed three key strategic directions which will leverage assets and expertise, while honouring the principles of the public health care system.

  1. Improving Quality Outcomes and Better Value for Patients
  2. Promoting Healthier Populations
  3. Contributing to a Sustainable Health Care System

BC Transplant's key Operational Goals in support of the PHSA strategic direction include:

  1. Increase Organ Donation
  2. Reduce the number of patients on the transplant waitlist
  3. Improve how we deliver healthcare to patients and donor families

Three key enablers are required to allow us to continue to move forward to achieve our goals:

  1. Provincial & National Policy
  2. Organizational Capacity
  3. Partnerships

Within BCT's operational goals, we have identified a number of Objectives to achieve those goals. Some objectives contribute to more than one operational goal, and some relate to both key enablers and operational goals.


  1. Increase the number of organs available for transplant in BC, and decrease wait times for transplant.
  2. Ensure Quality of Care for Donation and Transplant in BC
  3. Strengthen provincial partnerships with Health Authorities and Stakeholders
  4. Ensure the sustainability of patient care through human resource planning.
  5. Develop a Donor Family Support program
  6. Increase the number of people who have registered a decision on organ donation.
  7. Provide provincial and national leadership for best practice initiatives to increase organ donation and improve care for transplant patients.
  8. Provide financial stewardship and advocacy to ensure BCT's operational goals can be achieved.
  9. Invest in a Provincial Education Strategy that will directly benefit patients.

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