Deceased Donation

In order to be a deceased organ donor in BC a person needs to be in a critical care unit and be on a ventilator (breathing machine). There are two types of donation after death: Donation after Neurological Death (NDD) and Donation after Cardio-Circulatory Death (DCD).

Neurological determination of death (also referred to as ''brain death") means the brain has permanently lost all function and a diagnosis of death using neurological criteria has been determined.
Donation after Cardio-Circulatory Death (DCD) is an option for organ donation for patients with severe brain injuries once a decision to remove all life sustaining treatments has been made. When a person's heart permanently stops beating, they have experienced Cardio-Circulatory Death.

For more information on these donation processes, please downloaded the brochures below:

Neurological Determination of Death (NDD)

Determination of Cardio-Circulatory Death (DCD)