The BC Transplant Volunteer Program includes organ recipients, donor family members, living donors and organ donation supporters. The BCT volunteer team attends community events, organ donor drives, races, walks, church groups, schools and work-places; raising awareness and registering organ donors.

Our volunteers are also champions in their communities, organizing registration drives with a booth, posters, and registration forms – ready to sign people up! BC Transplant provides mini-Campaign Kits, ensuring volunteers have all the supplies and support needed to help make a successful event.

It is our hope with our Volunteer Program to promote organ donor awarness throughout the province with an emphasis on sharing the stories of organ recipients and donor family members. 

Volunteer Program Goals

  • Increase the amount of people registered in BC
  • Provide more information about organ donation and transplant in communities across BC
  • Share stories of recipients, donor families and living donors

Application details

To apply, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a connection to transplant as a recipient, living-donor, or donor family member
  • Be 1-year post transplant/donation

*Please note: We are currently not accepting volunteer applications. 

For more information contact Alicia at 604.877.2240 or toll free 1.800.663.6189

Mini Campaign-Kits

For years, we've had tremendous support from volunteers and community members - working together to register donors and raise awareness for organ donation. BC Transplant has created mini-Campaign Kits, designed to make your Organ Donor Awareness initiative simple and successful. Whether it's an event in your community or you want to encourage your co-workers or classmates to register, the kit will make sure you have the materials you need

In your Mini-Campaign Booth Kit you will recieve:

  • Posters
  • Rack Cards (complete with FAQ's)
  • Registration Cards
  • Remind Me to Register cards
  • Addressed/stamped envelope to return Remind Me to Register Cards to BC Transplant
  • Table Banner
  • Pens

To see other kits that have been spotted around the province, and how you can put your kit to good use, see our Facebook Album.

Email info@bct.phsa.ca to get your free mini-Campaign Kit sent to you today!

Volunteer Application Form

Please briefly describe your personal story in bullet points. If you are a recipient or living donor, please describe in bullet points life before, during and after transplant.
Please describe the skills you have as they would relate to volunteering
Please indicate if you are available during the weekdays/weekends and daytime/evening.

Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer with BC Transplant!

*Please note: We are currently not accepting volunteer applications. Thank you in advance for your understanding. 


(Include: Name, Relationship, Phone Number, Email)