NOTDAW (National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness)

Each year, we dedicate the month of April to sharing stories and raising awareness about the benefits of organ donation and the life-saving effects of transplantation. Awareness events, advertising, registration drives, news stories - it's a busy month and we invite you to have conversations about organ donation. 

#48in48 Registration Drive

This year, BC Transplant worked with Global TV and provincial organ donor registries across the country to have a 48 hour registration blitz, to kick off national awareness week. 

The blitz started Monday morning, April 18 and wrapped up 48 hours later on Wednesday morning - April 20. This year's campaign was a huge success--earning a total of 75,315 conversations accross the country about organ donation! Thank you to everyone for your support.


How You Can help

Raise Awareness 
Request a mini-campaign kit and rasie awareness in your community or school. You can also take a look at our Workplace Campaign Toolkit to find out how you can hold a registration drive in your workplace. 

Encourage others to register 
Send a message or an email to your circle of family and friends - here is a sample you can use.

Talk about it
Over coffee, at dinner, on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Let's make organ donation a normal part of conversation.

Watch for our ad Campaign

  • TV Ads on Global, CTV
  • Print ads in 24 Hours, Vancouver
  • Transit advertising – interior cards and exterior bus super tail ads in the Lower Mainland